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Welcome to Philip Rock Photography

Images for business and pleasure

Photography provides Pictures for repeatable pleasure experiences and informative images that provide instant gratitude and communication - Philip Rock Photography provides all of these.

Architectural, Interiors, Pictorial, Art, Portrait, Landscape, Community, Street, Life, and Still Life together encompass just about every aspect of everyday human activity.

Photography from Pleasure and business to commercial and illustrative, are available from Philip Rock.


Philip Rock's roots in photography lie in the hills and mountains of Yorkshire and the Lake District under the influence and guidance of his father and therefore inevitably began in this category of photography.

Philip openly confesses to being grateful for having inherited at least some of his father's abilities to judge graphics and pictorials critically, an activity that he also engages with in the Royal Photographic Society portfolio circulars. This happened to contribute usefully to his training as an architect since this also relies heavily on peer reviews and critiques.

Picturesque and pictorials

Since Philip's earliest activities were in drawing and painting this was reinforced by a natural love of pictures and the pictorial.

Due to the above you may find this section the strongest in Philip Rock Photography. Not only that but his critical abilities stand him in good stead in all areas.

Architecture (Places and Spaces)

As a fully trained architect who has practised for many years Philip Rock can now offer a bespoke service to procure architectural images using a variety of cameras and sensors. These include the Linhof 697 with a range of Rodenstock digital lenses and a Phase One medium format sensor, or the Nikon Digital Single Lens Reflex camera with a range of Nikon lenses, or a mixture of both.

Stitching of images is occasionally carried out when necessitated required for special purposes where requirements, demands, and conditions dictate and permit.

Architectural Interiors (Places and Spaces)

Interiors are again a speciality in photography and require yet more care in preparation and arrangement.

Additional assistants are often required in order to keep to time schedules and minimise disruption of the spaces to be photographed.

Architectural Details

Somehow the repertoire of images in Philip's library would not be completely revealed if they did not have a showcase among these pages.

This category provides that.

People (Portraits, family groups, events)

From individual portraits and baby photography to family groups and events, these are by arrangement.

Please inquire for prices etc.

Nature (and the outdoors)

The wildlife in the countryside are a natural for photographers, and so there are a broad range of images herein.

Street Photography

Reflecting culture, peoples, religions, and ways of life, it may be said that no photographer's portfolio can be complete without a category approximating to street photography.

Photography of and in the street may contain all other kinds of photography!